HKP 225

The HKP – 225 is a piston pump which has been designed specifically for abrasive media. In substance the piston pump consists of three main parts: air engine, control unit and pump. It is powered by compressed air (3 – 6 bar).
The pump is inserted into the container with the polishing compo thereby eliminating the need to decant compo into pressure pots. The depth of insertion can be varied up to 400 mm. The 1:2.2 pressure conversion guarantees effortless compo transport even through long pipe systems.

An optional adaptor allows the use of the pump with large compo containers.


  • Suitable for supplying up to 7 compo guns

  • Suitable for long pipe lines

  • Compo supply via CS 20 valve

  • No decanting saves time and reduces compo loss


Technical data

Pressure conversion: 1 : 2.2
Air connector: G 1/4”
Media hose: G 1/4”
Air pressure: 3– 6 bar
Filter: Mesh size: 0,6 mm
Volume per lift: 200 cm³
Direct immersion into container - up to 500 mm depth of immersion
    - Special model - up to 1000 mm depth of immersion
Optional stand with G 1”-Connection for external installation