MP 100 S

This twin diaphragm pump has been specially designed for use with abrasive liquid polishing compo. This system works with a max. compo feed pressure of 8 bar and needs pipes with a sufficiently large diameter. Diaphragm pumps are ideal for large dedicated compo containers and IBC containers. Properly installed diaphragm pumps are extremely reliable and efficient and can supply up to 30 high pressure pumps. These pumps are not suitable for a fast transfer of compo from one container to another.

If you need higher paste pressure a unproblematic upgrade with pressure conversion 1 : 2 is possible.

Benefits of the MP 100 S diaphragm pump:

  • Easy to clean robust body

  • Valve assemblies form one unit

  • Fast valve replacement

  • Simple diaphragm replacement

  • unproblematic upgrade with pressure conversion 1 : 2