OW - Spray head

The economical solution for applying liquid polishing compositions

PoliPower’s latest development:
The OW - spray head is a one-way spray unit which leads to better finishing results by applying liquid polishing compositions more evenly, more consistently and more sparingly. The amount of the used liquid polishing composition decreases and the life time of the polishing buff gets longer. In addition costly and time consuming repairs of the spray valve are no longer necessary. The OW spray unit can be used on all present spray pistols.


  • for all present spray pistols
  • low repair costs
  • 60 % less repairs on high-pressure spray pistols, because only one part needs to be exchanged
  • maximal efficiency through long date of expiry
  • easy  nozzle exchange
  • faster fixing and fitting
  • easier cleaning
  • evenly polishing results
  • high spray pressure for best composition spread
  • flexible fixing possible