PoliSpray 2


The PoliSpray 2 is a high pressure spray gun, particularly developed for laying on abrasive media.
For example the PoliSpray 2 is used for applications in polishing automatic machines.

The functional principle complies with the high pressure spray gun HDP-II, which is distributed by the competition. Spare parts are compatible.

PoliSpray 2
PoliSpray 2 with OW-Head



  • Hard-wearing steel-cylinder for the pressure relay valve

  • optional external spray head with flexible extension developed by PoliPower

  • optional equipment with OW-Head, thereby optimized maintenance


Technical data

Controls 3/2 - way valve (G 1/4")
Air pressure 4 - 6 bar
Air connection G 1/8" - 8/6
Compo pressure 4 - 6 bar
Compo connection LW 13
Metering volume 0,7 - 2,8 cm³