PoliSpray 3


The PoliSpray 3 is a high pressure spray gun, particularly developed for laying on abrasive media.
These dosing equipment are used predominantly for laying on liquid brushing and polishing compounds.

PoliSpray 3 is characterized by simple handling and small susceptibility to interference.

PoliSpray 3



  • high exit velocity to overcome the turbulence created by fast rotating buffs by means of OW-Head

  • precise metering due to the fast acting exit valve by means of OW-Head

  • precise metering of the compo volume per shot

  • optimized maintenance with interchangeable one-way spray head

  • fast and easy tip replacement and air bleeding

  • optional external spray head with flexible extension

  • ready for use with electronic controls


Technical data

Weight 1700 g
Air connector G 1/8"
Media hose G 3/8" sleeve NW 13
Attachement hole ø 12 mm
Metering volume 0,5 - 6 cm³
Air pressure 5 - 6 bar
Compo pressure min. 5 bar